Vienna: The Musical City

Vienna is the capital and the largest city of Republic of Austria with a population of 1.7 million. It is the business and the political center and also has a great portrayal of its culture and history in its architectures and museums, which draws about 5 million visitors every year. Extravagant castles, glamorous gardens, exciting parks, monuments and grand buildings are the main delights of Vienna.

The Belvedere Palace.

Visa Policy for Vienna

 All the travelers of the world must own a valid passport to enter the city. Countries under EU are exempted to enter Vienna without a visa (if entering for 1 to 3 months)but all the other countries of the world must possess a valid visa to enter Vienna. Visa application process can be extended from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the type and reason of visit. Work, study, resident, business, travel and other different types of visas are offered by Austria’s embassy.

Car Rental from Vienna Airport

Vienna International Airport is the main international airport of Vienna, which serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. Therefore it’s the largest and busiest airport of the country. Vienna Airport is located 18 km from Vienna and close to the Schwechat town. The city center can be reached hastily and comfortably by a car rental. According to different car rental deals, budget friendly luxury and economic cars are attainable. Car leasing is the best way to enjoy the stress free visit and Dubai Rentals provides comfy and trendy car hire services in Vienna airport that you can use online.

Vienna Natural history museum . Austria

The City of Dream’s Tourism Spots

Vienna offers countless sightseeing’s spots that attract millions of visitors every year. The list of attractions and things to do in Vienna must be organized, in order to enjoy the most in Vienna. If you are fond of visiting castles and palaces, than you are in the right city. Castles and palaces like Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace and Belvedere Palace would be a feast to your eyes. Historical sites, museums, churches and monuments like Historic Center of Vienna, The Third Man Museum, Ringstrasse, Kunsthaus Wien, Natural History Museum and St. Peter’s Church are the worth visiting places in Vienna. Visiting to Schonbrunn Zoo, The Giant Ferris Wheel and its Square, Prater, Schlosspark Schoenbrunn would be a great choice for nature lovers. City of music Vienna, offers variety of musical, cultural and concert theaters. The Stadtpark, Wiener Konzerthaus, and Theater in der Josefstadt would be a great choice to attend the musical concerts. Street and modern arts, chocolates, shopping malls and beaches are also great attractions for visitors of this Dream City.

Food and Hotel Booking in Vienna

Vienna has a vast and tremendous variety of open-air markets and high-quality restaurants. It is renowned for its unique coffee, chocolates, cakes, pastries and traditional cuisines. Enjoy the variety of Vienna’s cuisines with the world’s finest places. Orderly and economical accommodation must be planned before visiting Vienna. This city of dreams offers variety of luxurious hotel apartments and flats all around the city. Dubai Rentals guarantees you comfortable, neat, trendy and cheap hotels at your required location within your budget. Enjoy the best of your stay with complete relaxation of mind and security with Dubai Rental’s services.