The Invincible Taipei

Taipei is the capital and the heart of Taiwan. It is the most economically, financially and politically established city of Taiwan. It is one of the most compact populated cities of the world, with almost 3 million inhabitants. Within a little time-period, there has been terrific progress in Taipei. Marvelous mountains, notable temples, landmarks and museums make Taipei a tourist hub. Handicrafts, books, festivals and events make it more exclusive and trendy to explore.

National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Visa Policy for Taipei

People, who wish to enter Taipei for whatever reason or time, must possess an international passport (with validity of 6 months) and a confirmed return ticket and shouldn’t have any verified criminal record. However, some countries of the world are exempted to enter Taipei without a visa, if for 30 to 90 days, but other countries must own a valid visa to enter it. Visa application procedures can take up to 1 month and visa policy is quite strict. Visitors can be evicted right away from the airport if any rule or procedure set by Taiwan embassy is not followed properly.

Car Hire from Taipei’s Airport

There are two main airports in the Taipei, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Songshan Airport. The international airport is located about 30 km from the city. The negative thing is that most of the drivers in Taipei don’t understand English or any other language. Thus, to avoid the language barrier car hire is the most flexible way to get around the city from the airport. The best car rental rates are offered by our company, which let the client hire luxury or economy car, depending on his budget. This website helps you in making your trip more comfortable with guaranteed security and quality services.

taipei city night scene

Food and Hotel Rentals

Taipei has a huge density of restaurants, almost every street or lane offers some kind of dining. Taipei provides numerous Chinese, Italian, Korean and Japanese cuisines which are internationally renowned and locally fulfilling. Pizza, steak, vegetables, tea, various juices and coffee add more appeal and symbolism to the Taipei food.

The invincible Taipei provides the widest range of hotels and accommodation to its visitors from all over the world. Hotel booking in Taipei is not a hectic thing to do now as we are providing trendy and cheap hotels at your nearest desired locations in the most discounted price. From budget to luxury hotels or flats, all are offered at convenient price by Dubai Rentals.

We ensure you trouble free rental services and complete security, throughout your stay in Taipei.

Places to Visit

Consider our list of things to do and places to visit in Taipei which will surely help you in spending your time and money in the most effective way.

Striking Taipei is surrounded by stunning mountains, so hiking in Yangmingshan National Park and Elephant Mountain would be a great idea as there are lots of sightseeing and tempting hiking trails there. If you are fond of skyscrapers than Taipei 101 is worth your attention. Museums and temples like National Palace Museum, Long Shan Temple, Taipei Confucius Temple and Fine Arts Museum will be a feast to your eyes.

Not to forget the magnificent parks, waterfalls and zoo like Wulai Falls, Taipei Zoo and ShilinGuandi Park which make the hottest tourist spots for nature lovers. From small markets to executive shopping malls, Taipei offers such a variety of shopping opportunities to Shopaholics that it cannot be overlooked.