The Eternal City of Rome

Rome is the capital and the largest city of Italy, with 2.7 million inhabitants. Rome’s historical heritage, culture, architecture, museums and open air markets make it one of the top tourist destinations and attract millions of visitors every year. Its unique and ancient history and culture has great appeal and attraction.

Enter Rome

The citizens of Canada, New Zealand, U.K and U.S, can enter Rome without a visa for 60 to 90 days, but for a stay longer than 90 days, you must get a valid visa. And if you are a citizen of the country who is not eligible to enter Rome without a valid visa, then a visa is a must, whether entering for short period or whatever reason. The applicant must apply online for visa almost 1 month earlier as it may take 4 to 6 weeks for approval. After your arrival in Rome, you must report at local police station and register your presence in Rome with valid Rome’s travel documents and passport, within 6 days of your stay.

Car Hire from Rome’s Airport

Leonardo DA Vinci Airport and Ciampino Airport are the two main airports of Rome. Located at almost 35 km and 13 km respectively from the town, both these airports serve over 29 million travelers every year. Public transport near the airport is often crowded, and you have to wait for a long time for your number, therefore, in order to avoid being overcharged car rental is a good idea. Car rental in Rome is now quite easy with our company, which offers various rental deals on reasonable rate. Dubai Rentals delivers cars to their clients according to their demand and budget with a quick and comfortable service. We consider your choice and relaxation.

The Famous Trevi Fountain , rome, Italy.

Food and Accommodation

The world’s best and renowned food hub Rome has a lot to offer for food lovers. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry adores Italian cuisine starting from its pastas and pizzas to its seafood and sausages.  The mouth-watering yet healthy food of Rome has extra-virgin olive oil, black pepper, vitamin-filled tomatoes and all types of splendid cheese as the main ingredients which will water your mouth on slightest smell. Rome offers a variety of luxury hotels all around the city. Hotel booking in Rome is now quite easy with our company always at your service. It provides you with different hotel leasing deals, according to which you can reserve hotels and flats in your required area with just a call or via online services. Dubai Rental is the company which bids comfortable and classic service with complete safety and security.

Places to Visit

Rome has a lot of fascinations for a tourist, therefore, to add to the joy and adventure of your trip, consider some adventurous places to visit when in Rome. Renowned for its historic sites, churches and museums like St. Paul Outside the Walls, Le Domus Romani DI Palazzo Valentin, Pantheon, Galleria Borghese and National Roman Museum, Rome simply has a lot to offer. This fountain city is also renowned for its beautiful fountains such as, Fountain of the Four Rivers and Trevin Fountain. If you are a nature and an art-lover, then visit Protestant Cemetery and Palatine Hill which will literally drop your jaws. Shopping and beaches in Rome are quite relaxing and fun to spend you entire day.