The Contemporary Dubai

The independent Dubai is the most modern and largest emirate of the UAE. The oil industry, aviation, vast business, real estate and tourism, runs the maximum of Dubai’s economy. Vibrant business and tourism in Dubai is the reason which attracts millions of tourists and workers every year.

Perfect Destination

Dubai is the perfect destination for everyone. Its tropical climate, shopping centers, deserts, artificial islands, fine dining, craggy mountains, sandy beaches, lush parks, luxurious buildings and an active nightlife are the reasons that make Dubai not only a perfect vacation destination but also ideal for living.

Dubai has emerged as a foremost commercial center and has taken the soundest place in the world in terms of business and investments. Dubai offers world-class business environment to multinational and other companies with many facilities and profitable strategies.

Dubai Visa

Everyone who wishes to enter Dubai must own a valid passport and tested documents. The visa, transit and entry requirement varies from country to country, and the visitor should check his nation’s eligibility in the U.A.E embassy’s website.If you are a citizen of any eligible country, then there is no need of advance visa arrangements to enter Dubai. However, if your country is not eligible for a visa-free entry, then you have to apply for your visa 1 month before your visit. The applicants can apply for visa application online or by self-visit to the application center, and should consult a travel agency.

Dubai skyline

Car Rental from Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is  the busiest airport in the Middle-East, which holds a record to serve more than 64.4 million passengers. In order to avoid the exhausting hassle and difficulty of transportation car rental in Dubai airport would be a smart choice. Car rental in Dubai is now very easy with our company which offers quality and comfortable services. With different car leasing deals, clients can select cars depending on their budget and demand. Dubai Rentals helps in making your trip safe and enjoyable without the trouble of changing cars and taxis over and over again.

Food and Hotel Rentals

Dubai is a melting pot of various cultures which has made it one of the most versatile food hubs. Dubai offers several Middle Eastern, Asian and American fast food chains. Shawarma, kebabs, falafel and BBQ are the most renowned dishes. Whereas hotels like Evergreen Pure Vegetarian, Karachi Inn Restaurant, Royal Kebab Restaurant, Atmosphere, and Manhattan Grill offers tastiest cuisines in Dubai.

With chains of 5 star hotels, Dubai offers many luxurious hotels and flats all around the emirate. Hotel booking in Dubai was never so easy, but with our company, clients can reserve rooms and apartments at their desired site and their desired rate. The best hotel booking deals are available which let the client easily pick the suitable hotel for him.

Dubai Marina

Places to Visit

The Emirate holds a variety of delights in a very small package. It’s impossible for a tourist to visit all the delights in a single day, therefore do enlist what to do and where to visit beforehand.

Renowned for its architectures and landmarks like Emirates Towers, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek Golf and Concorde Tower, the fun city, Dubai has a lot to offer for fun lovers. From its lush parks and water parks in the adventure areas like, waDolphin Bay, Gravity Zone, Wild Wadi Water Park, Ski Dubai to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and much more, Dubai is simply a big surprise in a small packet. The islands, beaches, fountains, artificial islands like Dubai Fountains, Marina beach, Palm Islands will drop your jaws. Shopping, in its tallest and exceptional malls, is such a pleasant and wonderful experience in Dubai.