Shanghai – Paris of the East

Shanghai is the largest city of the China and by population of 24 million; it is the largest city of the world. It attracts millions of visitors every year and is the World’s top tourist destination for its historic temples, gardens, museums, landmarks and shopping centers. Most of all, the unique Chinese culture makes visitor’s stay truly remarkable.

Visa Policy of Shanghai

Visa is must for any visitor traveling to Shanghai for whatever reason. However, the citizens of Singapore, Japan and Brunei do not require a visa but a valid passport only, if visiting for 15 days or less. Chinese embassy offers immigration, business, travel, study and many other types of visas and is trying to improve their visa application process, in order to provide more convenient and cheap services to the travelers.

Car Rental from Shanghai Airport

 Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport are the two main airports of Shanghai, which serve millions of visitors every year. Both airports are 13 to 30 km far from southwest of central Shanghai. In order to get to your destination easily from airport and to fully enjoy the city’s wonders renting a car rental would be a good idea. Different car rental deals are available by the rental companies. From luxury cars to economic taxis, any conveyance can be hired easily depending on your budget. Dubai Rentals offers quality rental services at reasonable rates.

Restaurants and Hotel Rentals

 Shanghai’s food has its own unique style and taste. The fresh ingredients, soy sauce, boiled vegetable, sugar add individuality to almost every Chinese cuisine. When you are in Shanghai you must try out Smoked Fish Slices, Da ZhaXie, Shanghai pepper duck, and Red-Cooked Chicken.

Shanghai offers numerous luxury and cheap hotels. Before visiting Shanghai clients can make hotel reservations either by phone or online choosing the best option relevant to  their pocket and destination. Dubai Rentals is the company which provides quality hotel rental services making hotel booking in Shanghai not only easy but luxurious and relaxing. Rent a hotel of your own choice with our online service or by call. Enjoy the Chinese culture and Shanghai’s thrills without the stress of car and hotel rentals. We will help you make your journey comfortable and memorable.

Worthy Places to Visit

 The city of colors, Shanghai has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is an internationally renowned tourism hub. There are numerous places, events and festivals that must be attended to, to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important and worthy. It is a most popular destination for the visitors to sight the most glamorous architectures and museums. From Nanjing Road, Bund International Architecture Exhibition and Shanghai Museum to World Financial Center and Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, shanghai provides a great feast to its visitor’s eyes. It has something for everyone; nature lovers can take their steps to Zhujiajiao Water Town and Garden of Contentment. Acrobatics is something that should not be missed in Shanghai, they are held each night and last for about 2 hours. Visiting Shanghai Circus World, Era Time, Fuxing Park, and Huangpu River would be a great time pass for entertainment lovers. Shanghai is the shopping hub for all shopaholics.