Paris – The Dreamland

Paris is not just a city but a fantasy. It can make anyone fall in love with its magical charm. Paris is the cosmopolitan capital of France and the world’s leading tourist destination. It stands high in its attractions including its cultural heritage, luxury hotels, active nightlife, trendy fashion brands and its versatile fragrances. City of lights and capital of fashion is never believed to have slept ever.

Entry to Paris

 If you are planning to enter into this home of Mona Lisa for whatever reasons,you need to possess a valid visa. Depending on your reasons of travel, there are variety of visas i.e. work visa, study visa, tourist visa etc. France allows citizens of many countries to visit without a tourist visa for 3 months, but for a longer stay, you can apply for a French long-stay visa after you have returned home.Visa application can be submitted online, by courier or by self-visit to the Visa application center. Different rules and restriction have been set by the French’s embassy according to the country you are applying from.

The Eiffel tower

Car Rental from Paris Airport

With 5 major airports, Paris is one of the most visited cities. Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main airport of Paris. Traveling from the airports to the city requires some planning and implies engaging car hire services . Many car rental companies offer great packages to explore all the major venues of this city, day and night. Depending upon the type of vehicle you choose, you can adjust your car rental budget accordingly. Dubai Rentals offers its services to the tourists with a variety of deals and car services which are scattered all over the city assuring your Paris trip becomes a memorable experience.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel booking in Paris is not a tough deal. Paris has been enriched with lots of luxury hotels and flats at the top location. Some of the finest luxury hotels of the world have been located here. Luxury Hotels like Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere, Hotel Le Six, Jays Paris etc., and the economy hotels like Grand Hotel de Paris, Timhotel Clichy Paris, and Grand Hotel de Paris etc., can be booked according to the client’s budget. We offer our clients the dream accommodation not only in budget but also in excellence. Clients can even reserve rooms or apartments with handsome packages. Book now and plan in advance for a hassle free Paris visit.

Arc de Triomphe

Attractions of Paris

Visitors come from all over the world to discover not only its rich cultural heritage but also its shopping malls, luxury brands and trendy boutiques.Paris is the city of art and shopping with its perfumes and cosmetics pampering you in the most sublime settings. Romantic Paris has so much to offer for sightseers like The Eiffel Tower, Versailles, The Pantheon, Notre Dame Cathedral Tower and Louvre Museum. It’s simply impossible to discover this whole city in a single visit, but you must never miss Disneyland, concert and festivals and its breath-taking nightlife. Roam the streets of Montmartre, Latin Quarter and Left Bank with local open-topped double Decker buses.Food is not fuel in Paris. It’s the reason you get up in the morning and you can never run out of the choices for food. Foodies can discover excellent hotels and pubs like Restaurant Gastronomique, Le Diane, The Meurice Restaurant etc. fulfilling their appetite in budget.