New York – The Big City

The biggest city in the world – New York is known by different nicknames because of its wealth and variety of resources. New York City is deeply enriched with a variety of cultures, art, museums, and festivals. It is the city that never sleeps and lets its visitors enjoy the roller coaster experience of the NYC.

NYC’s Visa Policy

Almost 27 countries of the world are allowed to enter NYC with a legal passport and without a visa for about 60 to 90 days but for the other countries of the world; it is illegal to enter NYC without a valid visa. For visa application, visitors have to mail the US embassy supporting passport and legal tested documents. NYC offers a variety of visas for the travelers i.e. work visa, study visa, Temporary resident permit visa, and tourist visa. The visa process is very strict so one should follow the rules and regulations seriously.

Car Rental from NYC Airport

Four major airports (JFK, LGA, EWR and Westchester) of New York have the highest international traffic of the world. It requires some preparation and savvy to travel from its airport to the destination. As New York City offers countless attractions to its visitors car hire service would be a smart choice to visit any part of the city you want to see. Depending on your preference, there are many car rental deals available which let the visitors enjoy their NYC visit. Dubai Rentals also offers smart and handsome car hire packages and quality services which make your Big Apple’s visit divine.

New York City in the glow of sunset

Restaurants and Hotel Reservations

NYC is the food capital of the world. Food-weeks and festivals are held throughout the year, which welcome every visitor to eat leaving your pockets as full as your belly. The mouth-watering array of cuisines in NYC satisfies everyone’s style, vision and taste. From hawker’s restaurants to luxury venues, you will soon discover this world of food as the tastiest city of the world.

Gotham city offers numerous hotels in the top locations of the NYC.  Travelers can reserve rooms or flats at their preferred location.  Luxury hotels and cheap hotels are available in the handsome deals. Dubai Rentals offers hassle free hotel booking in New York, which will let you enjoy your journey with comfort and style.

The Empire State’s Attractions

Your every step is brings you some fun in NYC. Empire State is famous worldwide due to its national and global significance. Every culture is welcomed here, which means you will get to celebrate almost every culture’s festival and celebrations. New York is also known as the World’s biggest urban playground because of its contribution in almost every sport. Shopping lovers will get their hearts out in shopping hub NYC, which offers exclusive access to fashionable spots. New York offers countless places to see and things to do. Being a home to world’s most cherished tourist’s spots, New York City, is simply an explorer’s dream. Time Square and Empire State Building,Statue of Liberty and The Museum of Modern art, the Big Apple packs all the famous icons into one compact zone. The nightlife of NYC will let you groove whole night.