Mercato Shopping Mall

The Mercato Shopping Mall is located in the center of Jumeirah, and is among the most spectacular residential areas in Dubai. It is just beyond an ordinary shopping mall, where shoppers can spend uplifting moments. It is one of the best Italian architectures, which bring you back to the revitalization period. It is a place worth seeing that gives breathtaking and spectacular moments. The mall is located in an ideal location, where you can get the transport easily. If you find it difficult to reach the mall on local transport and prefer more comfortable ride you can simply make a car hire in Dubai and enjoy the inspiring shopping moments here.

hire a car in Mercato

It is the place of charming, jubilant town square, authentic Tuscan and wonderful features. The Mercato on beach road can help you in experiencing the incomparable environment and stunning shopping experience. It is best to visit this wonderful mall when you are feeling bored at your hotel room and want to experience something thrilling. All you have to do is to rent a car in Dubai and open the new horizons for shopping and unique entertainment. Here you will find all sorts of fast food outlets and café’s to double the fun.

There is a total of 130 shops and service outlets where people are offered with diverse international brands that fulfill their needs. Fashion, beauty, jewelry, confectionery and electronics are a few of the reasons to explore this shopping mall. Get your groceries and other necessary items without difficulty. Get to the mall with Dubai Rentals and shop at cheap.