Golden Sands Dubai

Golden Sands Premier hotel Apartments, Dubai is a project of Al Moosa group that was formed in the early 70’s era. It is located near shopping and commercial and leisure districts in the center of Dubai. That is why most of the visitors like to stay here as they can easily access the malls and other attractive places and get some spectacular and sensational experience. Most of them give preference to hiring comfortable vehicles in cheap car rentals of Dubai to commute and visit different places, worth seeing.

Golden Sands Premier hotel Apartments

Golden Sands offer convenience to the people by offering them online hotel room bookings, reservation of studios, two room studios, 2 and 3 BR Apartments for a day or week as long as you wish to stay. They also offer discounts on furnished apartments where services and facilities can be enjoyed at low rates. If you are low on budget and wish to avail transport facility at cheap rates, simply search for car rental discounts here and have a great trip to Golden Sands in Dubai.

Golden Sands always maintained high standards and offered its customers best facilities with unique and memorable experience. All apartments are furnished lavishly. They are spacious so that guests can relax and enjoy jubilant and delightful environment. Moreover, due to easy access to shopping malls, restaurants and clubs, Golden Sands have always been breath-taking landmark. People usually choice particularly Golden Sands to enjoy their vacations.