Ethnic Riyadh

Riyadh is the largest and capital city of Saudi Arabia and is one of the World’s fastest growing cities with almost 2 million inhabitants. Riyadh is prominent for its cultural, economic and political position. Its flourished business centers, shopping malls, infrastructures and landmarks attract many visitors and workers every year.

Visa Policy in Riyadh

Saudi embassy has strict rules and regulations for visa. Anyone who wants to enter Riyadh must own a valid passport. The wealthiest city offers different types of visa and every type has certain requirements. If you want to enter the city for work then you will need an Employment Visa and for this type, Saudi Arabia has a sponsorship system. Your boss in Riyadh will act as your visa sponsor (kafeel), and will supervise you throughout your stay. And if you want to enter Riyadh with your spouse, then you need a Residence Visa, for which your husband will be your sponsor. The Saudi system doesn’t allow the working women of Riyadh to be a sponsor for their husbands. Lastly, after your entry in Riyadh you’ll need to have an Iqama (a residence permit) from the passport office.

Car Rental from Riyadh Airport

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport is the main airport that serves millions of visitors every year and is located 35 km away from the city. Local white taxis outside the airport can be difficult to find as they have a meter system which costs you a lot. However there is another option for solving the transportation problem: car hire services would be a smart decision to get around from airport to the city. Our company offers smooth and expedient car rentals in Riyadh with different packages and deals saving your pocket. From luxury to cheap cars, Dubai Rentals offer safe and quality car renting services.

Palm tree garden

Food and Hotel Rentals

Ranging from cheap to fancy, Riyadh offers plenty of restaurants with a pretty good choice of various cuisines. Kabssa, a type of spicy rice, served with chicken or lamb, is the most renowned dish of Riyadh. Appetizing shwarma, kebabs and Shesha are offered at almost every food outlet.

Hotel booking in Riyadh is not that challenging now. Numerous rental companies are offering cheap hotels at different locations. Different hotel rental deals offered by our company let the client book their accommodation depending on their budget in advance. Dubai Rentals is the company which tends to make your visit to Riyadh more convenient and comfortable than anticipated.

 Places to Visit

 In spite of the brutal climate of Riyadh,there are plenty of places worth your visit.  Our list of what to do and visit in Riyadh would be a great guide for you. Riyadh has distinctive historical sites and mosques like King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center, Masmak Citadel, Old Dir’aiyah and Jami’ Masjid Mosquethat are worth visiting. Desserts and parks are the major appeal of Riyadh so visiting WadiHanifah, Fantasy Land, Shoaib Daqlah, Al Hizam Park and Riyadh National Zoo will add a great pleasure to your Riyadh’s trip. Riyadh is a shopping hub though everyone visiting Riyadh also has to stick to the dress code: thob for men and abaya for women, but still there are lots of shopping malls that call visitors and tourists to their wonderful shopping treats.