City of Sunshine: Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the largest metropolitan city of the world. Tokyo has prospered as the strongest commercial and cultural center of Japan with vast business, electronic centers and shopping malls. Tokyo offers countless spots that depict nation’s culture and history. Historic temples, shrines, great museums, unlimited shopping choice, festivals and glamorous gardens are the reason behind Tokyo’s appeal.


Visa Policy in Tokyo

Any visitor who wishes to enter Tokyo must possess a valid passport and all other legal travel documents. Some countries are eligible to enter Tokyo for 15 to 90 days without a visa, but the travelers of other countries of the world must possess a valid visa and passport for entering Tokyo. Japanese embassy offers different types of visas, different fees and visa application ways, depending on your nationality, reason of visit and the length of stay. Carefully follow the procedure, regulations and the demands set by the embassy to avoid any hassle.

Restaurants and Hotel Rentals

Tokyo is renowned for its most delicious yet healthy cuisines. From taste to appearances, everything is just so refined and sophisticated. Fish, chicken, turnips, boiled rice, and vegetables are the main ingredients in the Japanese cuisines. Enjoy and experience the best dine-in places in Tokyo. In Tokyo it’s better to plan a systematic and convenient accommodation beforehand. Having a chain of 5 star hotels every client is offered luxurious, hygienic, trendy and hotels at budget friendly prices. The tourists have lots of chances to book hotels and apartments in Tokyo depending on their pocket and convenience. Hotel rental in Tokyo is now quite easy with Dubai Rentals which is always at your service. Enjoy the delightful journey to Tokyo and give us the opportunity to make your trip more comfortable and luxurious.

japan temple

Car Rental Services in Tokyo

Tokyo is served by two international airports, Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport. Both airports attend millions of passenger’s traffic every year. Narita International Airport is approximately 65 km far from the central Tokyo, therefore to move from airport to your desired destination definitely requires some pre-planning. Car hire  online would be a great choice that  will save your time and will help you to enjoy the city’s sensations at your own choice of time and budget. Dubai Rentals delivers excellent car rentals in Tokyo and help the visitors benefit  and enjoy the trip with comfort and style.

Places to Visit

Tokyo offers a seemingly sightseer’s spots, that attracts millions of tourists every year. In order to make the best of your visit to Tokyo, you must prepare your list of things and places that shouldn’t be missed in your tour. Fan of shrines or temples? Well Tokyo has numerous traditional temples and shrines. No trip to Tokyo would be complete without having a visit to Sensoji Temple, Meiji Shrine, Bentendo Hall Temple, Jindaiji Temple or Gokokuji Temple. Fond of Sumo wrestling?Pay a visit to Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall, RyogokuKokugikan or Bouts. If you are a nature lover than Yoyogi Park, Ueno Zoo and Mount Kumotori are the places worth exploring. Tokyo’s landmarks, museums and architectures like Roppongi Hills complex, Edo-Tokyo Museum and Tokyo Skytree are the most worth visiting places.