Bangkok – The Wonder City

Culture and hospitality are the two major traits describing Bangkok. With an enormous progress in the 21st century, Bangkok has successfully retained its culture and civilization. From temples to shrines, markets to museums, bars to restaurants and cinemas to spas, Bangkok can rightly be considered a paradise for all.

Enter Bangkok

Before your Bangkok tour, ensure complete paperwork so as to prevent any inconvenience. A tourist visa is issued for up to 30-60 days, extendable for 30 more days at the nearest immigration office. The visa requirements vary according to the country you are traveling from and the type of visa you are applying for as transit visa, immigration visa, or official visa.

Rent A Car From Bangkok Airport

Once you step in either of the city’s main international airports: the Suvarnabhumi Airport or the Don Mueang International Airport, you will realize it is an entirely different world as Bangkok offers so many attractions. Car rentals seem an intelligent option to explore the city,especially when your visit is of short duration.  You can find numerous car rental services in Bangkok and can choose the one that suits your pocket. Dubai Rentals offers its exclusive services at highly reasonable rates.

Wat Arun, Bangkok ,Thailand

Restaurants and Hotel Apartments

Street food is what a foodie deserves to get the real taste of Thai food. Also, numerous high-class restaurants and quality food courts provide you with the cuisine of your interest and taste.

With over 1000 registered Accommodations, Bangkok has something for each one of you. Having a chain of 5-star luxury hotels, you can just book the one you desire, online or via call. It also offers cheap hotels around Sukhumvit or Petchaburi that are not only budget-friendly but also trendy, clean and great for families. The hotel booking in Bangkok has never been so easy with Dubai Rentals that is always at your service.

So, enjoy a mix of culture, civilization, spiritualism and modernity all in one city, the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.

Bangkok – A Tourist Hub

To make the most of your tour, it is imperative to jot down a list of attractions that must not be missed. Bangkok has a lot to offer.

Having an addiction for culture and tradition? Visit the Grand Palace whose beautiful architecture is surely breathtaking. Spiritualism and religion overtaking you, visit numerous temples among which WatSuthat, WatMahathat, WatArun, WatRatchanatdaram, WatIndravihan, and others are worth-seeing.Obsessed for museums? National Gallery Museum, National Museum, Vimanmek Mansion Museum and Philatelic Museum will definitely make your day out.

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) is an experience worth having. Not to forget the executive cinemas including the Nokia VIP cinema at Siam Paragon are worth mentioning when you come back. Similarly, Bangkok offers some best spas of the world and is a golfer’s paradise.

Shopping is something irresistible for tourists. Whetherit’s about souvenirs or some general shopping, Bangkok offers the best discount price shops in Asia. Street stalls on Sukhumvitor the sleazy Night Plaza in Patpong and markets in Chinatown offers quality items at lowest rates.

Floating market,a tour of Khlong, and the Siam Square are also worthy of your time and money.